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Ceiling fans help circulate air and provide cooler air flow in the summer.  Reverse the fan rotation in the winter and it will force heat circulation at the ceiling down into the room. This mild circulation of air shortens the time it will take to heat a room.

Ceiling fans enhance the décor of any room and there is a vast variety of colors and designs to choose from.  Select the fan you desire and Poss Electric will be more than happy to install it for you. Ceiling fans can be placed anywhere you spend a lot of time such as in the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Put ceiling fans in every room of your house including the patio or even your garage! Fans with remotes are available for ease of function control.

Poss Electric can install your ceiling fan on your existing pre-installed fan box, or install new wiring, switches, dimmers and a fan-rated brace box for any area of your home as required.


Supporting a ceiling fan properly is important to avoid personal injury and damage to your house. There are several acceptable ways to support a ceiling fan, including special boxes designed with straps or fastening the box to wood blocking.

The National Electric Code states that all fans 35 pounds and over must be supported with an outlet box system that is listed for ceiling fan support. If the fan is already existing without bracing the fixture must be retrofitted and attached securely to the structure of the house.


Bath fans eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors and odors. Failing to pull the moisture out of your bathroom will penetrate walls causing the health concern of mold and mildew and can even cause your homes structure to rot.

Poss Electric installs bath fans including the proper venting both ways.  Proper venting and insulated duct to prevent condensation is imperative.  Bath fan roof vents with internal dampers open only when the fan is blowing and will send moist air outdoors and keep cold (or hot) air out of the house.

Serving the North Metro Atlanta areas including Woodstock, Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, Smyrna and surrounding areas since 2005, Poss Electric will give you the confidence that your fans are installed properly. 

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