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Overheating Meter Sockets

Homeowners dealing with overheating meter sockets, or “hot sockets,” are unknowingly struggling with a very hazardous electrical problem. These are often the root cause of many electrical issues and can even cause electrical fires. 

The sobering truth is that hot sockets cause around 1,000 house fires every year. This outcome is entirely preventable, and you can help protect your home with the help of a qualified electrician. 

At Poss Electric, we are the residential electricians who help everyone in and around Woodstock, GA, live healthier and safer lives. Our technicians specialize in hot socket repair and electrical maintenance to help keep your home free from hot sockets at all times. 

What Are Hot Sockets?

A hot socket is a name for the damage caused to energy meters due to overheating. Hot sockets are often caused by poor connections and can become more dangerous the longer they’re left unattended. 

The best way to handle a hot socket is with energy meter testing. A professional can do this testing to determine what kind of hot socket repair is needed.

Common Causes of Hot Sockets

Like any piece of equipment, your meter socket is bound to go through some amount of wear and tear. However, certain elements can speed up a hot socket. A great way to avoid the problems caused by overheating meter sockets is to know how they happen. 

Here are some of the frequent problems that cause our customers to end up with this high-risk electrical issue.

Temperature and Weather

The weather might be outside your control, but that doesn’t stop it from wreaking havoc on your housing meter. Depending on the outside temperature, your meter will expand and contract. This movement can cause a loose connection due to the jaws losing tension.

Too Much Pressure on the Terminal

Because the equipment is sensitive, the more your meter is messed with, the more likely the springs will become slack and cause problems. This problem is associated with older or outdated equipment overloaded by too much usage.

Loose Connections

If your meter is experiencing overheating meter sockets because of a loose connection, chances are your equipment wasn’t installed properly. If connections remain loose, micro-arcs will cause it to overheat, leaving you with an inconvenient repair.

Recognizing Hot Socket Problems

Homeowners should not take the risks that hot sockets pose lightly. Aside from the dangers, they also lead to inefficiency, meaning that you’re likely spending more money on your energy bills.   

If you suspect you’re experiencing overheating meter sockets, you should always have a professional come out to confirm and diagnose your outlet. DIY electrical is never recommended, as it can often make matters worse both for your home’s electrical system and your safety.

How do you know if you’re one of the many homeowners who might be dealing with hot socket problems? Here are some of the first signs the residential electricians at Poss Electric look for when assessing the damage to a meter:

  • Melted or loose wiring
  • Energy meters that show a higher than average output
  • Discoloring on the meter blades
  • Dimming or flickering lights
  • Visible damage to the jaws

The best way to evaluate your home’s meter is through a home visit. Certain vital information can only be found through testing with energy meter testing equipment. This equipment is perfect for detecting any wiring errors, so with this, our team will help keep your home guarded against the dangers of hot sockets.

Poss Electric: Your Friendly Residential Electricians

Consistent testing and maintenance are the keys to keeping your meter and your home safe. Poss Electric is ready to assist you with any electrical issues you might be experiencing. 

We serve the Woodstock, GA, community with our impeccable quality of work and unparalleled service. Call us today at (404) 787-7262 to schedule your hot socket repair. It’s time to get rid of hot socket problems once and for all!

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