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Electrical Outlets

Are there electrical outlets or switches in your home that are no longer working? Are you in need of GFCI electrical upgrades? If the answer is yes, look no further than Poss Electric

We have decades of experience helping homeowners in Woodstock, GA, with their electrical outlet problems. Whether you have a major underlying issue or just need a routine outlet repair, we’re up for the job. 

Poss Electric provides a range of electrical outlet services, including installation, GFCI and AFCI upgrades, outlet repair, and more. 

Electrical Outlet Installation

Looking to move a conveniently located switch or add more electrical outlets to a room? These jobs are best left to a professional. Electrical outlet installation may seem simple, but you never know what you may encounter once you start opening up walls.

The professionals at Poss Electric can install new electrical outlets quickly and in a way that ensures your home is safe and up to code. We install several different types of electrical outlets, including USB outlets, smart outlets, 20A outlets, GFCI outlets, and AFCI outlets.

USB Outlets

These days, more electronic devices are charged using USB cords. 

Instead of having to connect the USB cable to a transformer that plugs into an outlet, why not plug the USB cable straight into the wall? With USB outlets, you can. Poss Electric can quickly update your traditional electrical outlets to USB outlets. You’ll enjoy charging conveniently and will add value to your home.

Smart Electrical Outlets

We have smartphones, smart cars, smart refrigerators, and now smart outlets. A smart outlet can enable you to program and remotely control the power to any device plugged into that outlet. 

Smart outlets are not only convenient but can save energy and ultimately money on your monthly energy bills.

20A Electrical Outlets

If you’ve ever installed a new heavy appliance, you may have noticed that the outlet looks a bit different. Chances are you were looking at a 20A outlet or 20-amp outlet. 20A outlets are designed to power heavy-duty appliances like ovens and microwaves. 

If you need to upgrade to a 20A outlet, call Poss Electric. Upgrading the outlet for appliance use is more complicated than just changing out the plate, so it is best left to the professionals. 

GFCI Outlets

Unlike regular outlets, ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are designed to protect people from electrical shock. They monitor electrical current then cut power or “trip” when they detect an imbalance or excess electrical flow. 

You’ve probably seen the GFCI sticker on outlet plates in your bathroom, but it is a good idea to also have GFCI outlets in places like kitchens and garages. Poss Electric can upgrade your outlets to GFCI standard in no time; give us a call to schedule your appointment.

AFCI Outlets

Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) outlets are designed to detect electrical arcing and break the flow of electricity. This detection is important because arcing can cause overheating and pose a fire hazard.

AFCI outlets are recommended in the following areas:

  • Bedrooms
  • Other sleeping areas (like dens)
  • Laundry areas
  • Kitchens

Taking the time to upgrade your outlets to AFCI grade is important to ensure the safety of your home. The experts at Poss Electric can complete the upgrades in a way that is safe and will last for decades.

Electrical Outlet Repair

While outlets are designed for heavy use and should withstand a lot of wear and tear, they are not indestructible. Even the best-maintained homes may experience electrical outlet problems from time to time. 

Here are a few signs you may be in need of outlet repair:

  • Warm or hot switches or outlets
  • Visible sparks
  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing sounds
  • GFCI outlets that trip frequently
  • Broken switches
  • Loose outlets

Faulty outlets can be dangerous, and there are tens of thousands of electricity-related house fires each year. So it is important to stay on top of outlet repairs and call in the professionals as soon as you know something is off.

The electricians at Poss Electric have helped homeowners throughout the Woodstock, GA area with outlet repairs. No matter how simple or complicated, we can tackle any electrical outlet problem.

Poss Electric, Your Trusted Local Electricians

Poss Electric was established in 2005 and proudly serves the Woodstock, GA area. Our team treats our clients like neighbors, and we are committed to providing the highest quality work and service.

We have decades of experience that we bring to each job, so you can rest assured knowing that when we’re doing the work, it’s done right. From electrical outlet installation to repair and upgrades, we do it all. Give us a call today at (404) 787-7262.

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