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A chandelier can offer ambiance and sophistication to any room of your house. Whether you’re looking for a little more light above the dining room table or a welcoming array of luminescence in your foyer, picking the right chandelier installation professional is in your best interest.

Poss Electric has performed chandelier installations in the Woodstock, GA, area for over 15 years. It doesn’t matter if you want to install a chandelier on the second-story balcony or in a large ballroom; we’ve done it. 

With Poss Electric, you won’t have to worry if we can do the job; we have the experience to ensure your chandelier installation is done right the first time.

What Does Chandelier Installation Entail?  

Installing luxury lighting is not a DIY project, and only professionals should perform the installation. We have installed many chandeliers, and it doesn’t take us very long, but before we begin, you must decide on:

  • The size
  • The shape
  • The location
  • The amount of light the chandelier should produce
  • The lighting direction

Once you have decided on your chandelier preferences, our contractors will do their part. Our technician will ask you your preferences for the chandelier and see if we need to remove an existing fixture. We then determine:

  • The electrical load
  • Whether the current mounting support is strong enough for the new chandelier
  • If we have to build a new mounting support
  • What equipment we’ll need
  • The number of technicians required

After all that is done, we set a date for the install, and our professionals will perform the chandelier installation. Our team is professional, prompt, and meticulous in everything they do, and they place your safety over everything else. 

Placing a large chandelier in the foyer may require additional space for equipment and time to secure the area.

What Kind of Chandelier Can I Have Installed?

For the most part, you can have any-sized chandelier you want, as long as you have the space it requires. Poss Electric is the number one Woodstock electrician for chandeliers and other electrical services.

If you can envision it, we can install it. However, there are a few guidelines to consider when selecting the perfect chandelier for your home, including:


A chandelier can add additional depth to a room, and you have to decide how much focus you want it to take away from the room itself.

A chandelier can act as a centerpiece in the middle of the room or above the dining room table, but you can also add a smaller piece to a corner area to add a subtle charm to a bedroom or other intimate space.


Chandeliers are not meant to be the room’s main lighting source, so you shouldn’t expect to use a chandelier as the main source of illumination. Look at the light output — glimmer or glare — and use it as a base lighting scheme for the room. Talk to our technicians about layering various light sources.

The chandelier is a decorative piece. Add to it with recessed cans or cove lighting for additional light. Sconces can accent the space and highlight paintings in particular places on the walls.


How does the chandelier turn on? Is it dimmable? Poss Electric’s engineers can place the lighting switch anywhere you want, and if you need a dimmable switch, we can make that happen as well.

You don’t have to use your current lighting setup. We can remove your old chandelier, replace it, and move the control switch to wherever you like.

If you are looking at newer LED lighting for your current chandelier, contact us to perform the upgrade. We can retrofit your existing chandelier to LED (light-emitting diode) or CFL (compact fluorescent) technology if it’s upgradable.

Talk to us before upgrading to newer bulb types. Many will not have a look you want, so it’s best for one of our electricians to come out and install a single bulb first. See how you like it, and then decide whether it’s the right path for you.

Chandelier Installation Electrician Near Me

Poss Electric has you covered if you’re looking for the best residential electrician in Woodstock, GA. We have been in business for over 15 years, are locally owned, and only hire the best electricians. 

Our company is built on customer relationships, ethical values, and industry knowledge. We aim to provide the best service every time we step into your home and acknowledge any needs or concerns you have before, during, or after a job.

We provide electrical repair and installation services for all of your lighting, outlet, ceiling fan, and electrical power needs. Contact Poss Electric today to see why so many people in Woodstock, GA, are talking about us.

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