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Have you ever wished that you could get rid of all your clunky RCA chargers and have the convenience of charging without trying to find them? With phones, iPhones, tabs, pads, Bluetooth, gaming systems and an ever-growing array or technology it just never seems that there are enough outlets either. With the increased demand on our charging abilities it’s no wonder that the outlet with built in USB charging ports are exploding onto the receptacle scene!


Outlets with USB chargers are a convenience that can be installed in bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and any other room in your house. Standard USB charger receptacles generally come with two USB charging ports and two plug outlets however, a varied quantity of ports to plugs are available as well as several decorative styles and colors. There is even a spill proof, pop-up outlet designed for kitchen, bars, or any countertop surface when you need hidden power in an area that could possible get wet.


I don’t know about you but with all the convenience and options for USB charging outlets I am ready to swap out all my existing outlets with these! Luckily, Poss Electric is having a special on USB Port charging devices. For our standard service call fee of $140 Poss Electric will retrofit your existing outlet into a standard tamper resistant USB charging outlet. Your first outlet is included in the service charge. 2-5 more outlets are $50 a piece, 6-10 outlets are $45 a piece, and any quantity 11 or over is only $40 each. This includes parts, labor, and Poss Electric’s knowledgeable service and superior installation. See our special here.


Poss Electric is the number one residential electric professional in North Metro Atlanta. We have been servicing Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Marietta, Alpharetta, Ballground, Cumming, Johns Creek and other Northern Metro Atlanta Areas for over 12 years. Call Poss Electric today at 404-787-7262 to see how can help simplify your charging needs at a level of excellence I am sure you expect TODAY! #thehomeelectricians #lightingupNorthMetroAtlanta #woodstockelectricians #cherokeecountyelectricians #residentialelectricpros

Unfortunately,, Thanksgiving is also the leading day for home cooking fires, Three times as many home cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving than on any other day of the year. However, with some preparation and common sense, many home cooking fires can be avoided. Here are some simple tips to have a safe Thanksgiving celebrations.

The magnificence and drama of a crystal chandelier cannot be matched by any other lighting medium.  An amazing chandelier can cause one to become awe-struck. Beautiful and captivating, chandeliers come in an endless selection of finishes such as iron, brass, gold, and silver and designs including traditional, contemporary, and custom made art pieces. Some even come with colored crystals!

Chandeliers are a huge liability so make sure you have them installed by a licensed and insured professional . Poss Electric has been installing chandeliers all over North Metro Atlanta including Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Kennesaw, Roswell, and Alpharetta since 2005!  We have installed on one story, two stories, and even foyers and over stairs! We put your mind at ease by having the knowledge and experience to properly install your crystal chandelier. Below is a chandelier we just recently installed in Marietta. This captivates the more traditional chandelier style.

Chandeliers don't always have to be extravagant to make a statement either. This simple beauty was installed in Smyrna over some stairs in a foyer. Ths style emulates a more contemporary design.

When you are ready to install, give Poss a call.  We are "The Home Electricians.'


We opened up a wall in a bathroom and this is what we found. See those wire nuts covered in electrical tape?  All wire nuts need to be in a box.   In any situation where a wire is cut and connected to another wire you must have a box. This is an electrical hazard that could start a fire and what if the wire connection were to become loose?  One would have to cut a hole (or several) in their wall just to locate and fix the loose connection.  If you find wire connections not in a box, call a licensed electrician immediately.


In this situation a homeowner called us out of Marietta to tell us they did not have grounding on half of their house. They just bought the house from someone who claimed to have had it remodeled. Sure the interior looked nice but when you got into the real construction it was obvious this was a DIY sort of project. This mess was found in the insulation of the attic!  Look closely, you can even see where bare wires are barely connected and are not even covered in electrical tape. BEWARE the do-it-yourself home remodel! Always have a licensed professional thoroughly inspect the electric when buying a new home. In this case, Poss Electric safely restored the wiring with the proper connections and placed them in the appropriate box. After fixing several more issues found just like this one, grounding was restored to the entire house. Poss Electric has the experience and knowledge to fix any residential wiring issue to code or better!

Have you been to the movies lately? The cost is phenomenal! I took our two children not too long ago and after 3 tickets, popcorn, a drink, and some candy I had spent almost $70!! With today’s technology of streaming television and renting movies with a couple of clicks of our fingertips, one wonders why we even bother to go to the cinema anymore.  For the cost of several trips to the movies you could purchase a decent sized flat screen and surround sound system for yourself.  Why deal with the hassle and cost of ‘going out’ to the movies when you could create your own theater experience right in your own home?  

Everyone nowadays seems to have a flat screen, but a hanging TV can be an expensive liability.  Make sure it is installed correctly by a licensed and insured electrician. It is important to only use the UL listed bracket sized for your TV.  The proper bolts and correct spacing must also be used. Mounts come in a variety of options from fixed to swing out, tilted, swivel or a combination of. Poss Electric is an established company with the professional experience you need to install your flat screen properly.  



Poss Electric can help you install your ideal entertainment system. We install surround sound wiring, speakers, cable and HDMI. We can fish your lines through difficult locations using wires specifically designed for running through walls.  This work is usually completed with little to no drywall damage.

Surround sound systems also come in several varieties such as bookshelf, built-in, sound bar, or sub-woofer. Many features are available like wireless, Bluetooth, and iPod/iPad compatibility.  



Want the whole big screen experience?  Poss Electric can help you create the movie theater ambiance by installing strategically placed rope lighting and dimmable fixtures.  Many of these fixtures now use wireless remotes for effortless control.



Are you a big sports lover who likes to host the big game? Maybe you are the ultimate gamer or movie buff? Maybe you just like to eye-guzzle Top Chef Marathons all by yourself?  Gear your arrangement towards the type of entertainment you want to achieve.   With a multitude of options in components your entertainment system could be as simple or multi-faceted as you want.  The combinations are endless!

Poss Electric has been installing entertainment systems and components all over North Metro Atlanta since 2005. We work in Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Marietta, East Cobb, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Canton, Smyrna and their surrounding areas. When you’re ready to install, give us a call!



Got a spoiled pooch?! We recently installed an Under Cabinet Light inside a dog house built into the closet under the stairs in a house in Smyrna!

Nothing too fancy here.  The home owner wanted something inside the dog house that they could just reach up and under to switch on for cleaning purposes.  However, we can get super fancy for all those dog spoilers out there by installing a fixture safely out of Fido's reach and adding a switch outside the doghouse for more convenience.

Either way, what a neat idea.  I better step it up because my dogs don't even have an indoor doghouse! I'm just sure they would love one!



So you are going to remodel your kitchen?  Take your lighting plan into account right away.  Many homeowners fail to plan their lighting needs accordingly or put it off as a last minute decision, and this will only lead to heartbreak later! What good is that beautiful oak cabinet and flashy new marble counter-top if no one can see them? Lighting choices are a huge factor in the ambiance and functionality of your kitchen. Consider these lighting types when designing your perfect kitchen.

Recessed lighting are placed within your ceiling and are unobtrusive yet powerful.  Position them over sinks or appliances for task lighting.  They can also be directed to a particular point of interest and are great for accent lighting.

Pendant lights are not only functional but they come in a huge array of styles, colors, and designs. Pendants are ideal over islands, bars, and small dining room tables.

For the kitchens that can handle the size, why not a chandelier? Chandeliers also come in enormous variety of designs.  A tastefully selected chandelier will be focal point and wow factor for the right kitchen.


Need help installing lights in the North Metro Atlanta Area? You can rely on Poss Electric's electricians to do the job right! We have been serving the North Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Roswell, Woodstock, East Cobb, Canton, Marietta and surrounding areas since 2005. Let us serve you next!  


Here we took a single pendant fixture down and hung 2 gorgeous chandeliers in a kitchen in Smyrna. 

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